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New in Symfony 4.4: WebProfiler Improvements

Mailer Integration

Contributed by
Fabien Potencier
in #32912.

The new Symfony Mailer was introduced in Symfony 4.3. In Symfony 4.4 we improved and polished it, including the integration with the profiler. The debug toolbar now displays the number of messages sent. If you click on it, you'll see the full message details in the new profiler panel:

The new Mailer web profiler panel in Symfony 4.4

Clear Ajax Requests

Contributed by
in #31876.

When making too many Ajax requests or keeping a page open for too long, the debug toolbar gets crowded with a long list of Ajax requests. In Symfony 4.4, you can click on the new Clear link to delete all the existing Ajax requests so you can see the new requests more clearly:

The new Clear link in the list of Ajax requests in the Symfony 4.4 web debug toolbar

Auto-Select the Best Panel for Ajax Requests

Contributed by
Thomas Calvet
in #33783.

When you click on any element of the debug toolbar, you are redirected to its related panel (request, forms, logs, database, etc.) However, for Ajax requests we only display a link to its profile, so you cannot select the first panel displayed.

In Symfony 4.4, we made this link smarter to redirect to the most important panel for each request. For example, if the Ajax request resulted in an exception, you are redirected to the exception panel; if you dumped some information in the Ajax request, you are redirected to the dump panel; etc.

It's a small change, but it will save you some clicks and will improve your developer experience.

Compress Profiler Files

Contributed by
Nicolas Grekas
in #33698.

The data collected for each request is stored in an array structure before serializing and storing it the var/cache/ directory of your project. This data is not deleted automatically, so it can grow up pretty quickly.

In Symfony 4.4, if your system allows it, we compress the data automatically before saving it to disk. For a typical profile, the disk space usage decreases from 150 KB to 15 KB (for each profile).

HttpClient Integration

The HttpClient component was also introduced in Symfony 4.3. In Symfony 4.4, besides several tweaks and improvements, we've added profiler integration for it. The debug toolbar now displays the number of HTTP requests and if you click on that, you'll see the full details of all requests:

The new HttpClient web profiler panel in Symfony 4.4
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