New Symfony Core Team Member: Samuel Roze

Who is Samuel Roze? He has been contributing to Symfony on and off for the the last two years, and you have probably seen him at a SymfonyLive conference... probably a London one. But his main contribution to Symfony is yet to come. It will land in version 4.1. The next Symfony release will come with a new component: Messenger. That's very exciting as I've been dreaming of such a component for many years, and Samuel made my dream come true.

Samuel is also the main force behind ContinuousPipe, a continuous deployment solution for Kubernetes that he open-sourced a few months ago.

Please, join me in welcoming Samuel in his new role!


Fantastic news! It's an honor to have Samuel in the Symfony Core Team. Welcome ... and thanks for your great work!
Nice addition)
That's a great news, good job Samuel and thanks for the component and for continuouspipe!
What a fantastic news, really great to see Samuel in the core team, maybe some additions in the deployment aspect of the framework? ;)
Welcome Sam ;) Happy to have you on-board
Such a good news ! Congrats !
Welcome Sam, thank you for your contributions!

Btw, I wish I had such such intro :) very nicely written
Welcome :) Keep it HIGH

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