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New Symfony Core Team Member: Samuel Roze

Who is Samuel Roze? He has been contributing to Symfony on and off for the the last two years, and you have probably seen him at a SymfonyLive conference... probably a London one. But his main contribution to Symfony is yet to come. It will land in version 4.1. The next Symfony release will come with a new component: Messenger. That's very exciting as I've been dreaming of such a component for many years, and Samuel made my dream come true.

Samuel is also the main force behind ContinuousPipe, a continuous deployment solution for Kubernetes that he open-sourced a few months ago.

Please, join me in welcoming Samuel in his new role!

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Fantastic news! It's an honor to have Samuel in the Symfony Core Team. Welcome ... and thanks for your great work!
Nice addition)
That's a great news, good job Samuel and thanks for the component and for continuouspipe!
What a fantastic news, really great to see Samuel in the core team, maybe some additions in the deployment aspect of the framework? ;)
Welcome Sam ;) Happy to have you on-board
Such a good news ! Congrats !
Welcome Sam, thank you for your contributions!

Btw, I wish I had such such intro :) very nicely written
Welcome :) Keep it HIGH

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