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New Symfony Core Team Member: Yonel Ceruto

I'm pleased to announce that Yonel Ceruto is joining the Symfony Core Team.

Yonel has been contributing to Symfony for the last 4 years now. He started fixing a typo in the code, and contributed via many pull requests over the years. His biggest achievement so far? A pull request that I've just merged for Symfony 4.4: the new ErrorCatcher component (which deserves a whole blog post on its own). Yonel also likes to work on complex topics nobody wants to work on! I won't list them all here, but he worked fixing issues on a lot of different Symfony components and bundles.

Please, join me in welcoming Yonel in his new role!

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Congratulations Yonel! You've been working hard for this 👍
Congratulations, some Cuban pride here +1
Congrats Yonel
Congrats Yonel!
I remember that you helped me a lot on StackOverflow when I was struggling so much about an error I got in my Symfony app with Redis, to the point that I posted my question on SO :) You tried so much to help that SO proposed to chat instead of writing multiple comments, a feature that I didn't even know about before :D
Welcome on board Yonel ! You really deserve it
Awesome news! Congratulations, Yonel!
Yonel, thanks for everything you do for Symfony and thanks for accepting the invitation to join the Core Team.
Very proud for my "compatriota", congrat!!!
Congratulations. Cuban++
Welcome Yonel! Congratz, well deserved
Congratulations for your work!
I'm very glad to know Yonel has part of Symfony's Core Team, their contributions have been of great help.

Let us hope that SymfonyCon can one day take place in Cuba.

As Google trends statistics show, a large part of the Cuban developer community uses symfony as the first choice of web framework.

Greetings from Cuba
Congratulations Yonel !

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