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New Symfony swag available on the Symfony Store

We proudly launched the official Symfony Store mid-June 2020. At first, shipping was only available for Europe, but since August, shipping is now available anywhere in the world.

We’re now super pleased to unveil new Symfony swag items, available for purchase! Discover our new merchandise:

  • The Symfony protection's mask: available in black only. Nowadays, wearing a protection mask is now part of our daily routine. Add to your collection the official Symfony protection's mask and walk with style while being safe! With its 3 folds and 2 layers of fabric, this washable mask is very soft and guaranteed for 20 washes. It is certified by the DGA standard, a French government standard. The mask is delivered in its individual packaging. Special launching sale, get your protection mask at 5€ VAT excl. instead of 8€ VAT excl..
  • The Symfony metal cup (380ml): available in black or yellow. Drink any hot or cold beverage in this must-have vintage mug! Autumn is coming, it's time to get comfy and enjoy a nice beverage while reading for example "Symfony 5: the Fast Track" by Fabien Potencier, printed version available for purchase too! Special launching offer, get your metal cup at 8,25€ VAT excl. instead of 10,75€ VAT excl..
  • The Symfony t-shirt: classic black Symfony t-shirt. Wear it as a daily outfit or for a special occasion. This chic t-shirt will suit you for any occasion! Special sale, get it for 10€ VAT excl. instead of 15€ VAT excl..
  • Exclusive pre-order of the big limited edition 15 years Symfony elephpant: only available in grey with purple nails! Pre-order it today and receive it by the end of the year at the latest! This special elephpant won't be on sale for long, get it at 125€ VAT excl. before it's gone! Small 15 years Symfony elephpant can only be bought if you're registered to an upcoming Symfony conference. You can buy it at the same time as you are booking your conference tickets or later if you forgot to buy them!

Our regular Symfony swag is still on sale and our special discount on big order, when you order 10 or more small Symfony elephpants, is still on! For any 10 small Symfony elephpants package bought, we offer you a free one, on top of your order (you'll then receive 11 elephpants). This deal only works if you buy 10 elephpants of the same color. Select 11 small elephpants of the same color and add them to your cart, then use the following discount code to get your free one:

Buy online all our Symfony swag and receive it anywhere. Prices are excluding taxes and shipping is calculated depending on your shipping country. You want to show the world how much you love Symfony? Order now your swag and enjoy our exclusive discounts available until October 9th 2020.

Visit our shop today and wear Symfony's special outfit and accessories. Show your love to the framework!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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Finally, a dedicated shop other than the on-premise one during the conferences!

However, the available t-shirt sizes still assume you have a normal body height and weight. Between the three t-shirts, the available sizes also vary a lot.

Since I've talked to Tobias Nyholm about this over a year ago (and a few weeks back again), are there any plans to offer bigger and smaller sizes, Fabien/Anne-Sophie?
Finally my coffee cups ☕ 🥰

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