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Official launch of the website

After the rush of the last days, the symfony website is officially launched.

This is a great day. We are all very excited that symfony is at last shown to the public. After months of development and tests, it is finally time to deliver it to the community of web developers.

Even if we didn't have time to work much on the graphical design, the website offers all that should be needed: source, documentation, community.

Now, we'll just have to wait and hope the people talk about it...

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My first thoughts:

... whoa.

A very complete feature set with a very complete set of documentation. And it's in PHP!

After reading through the documentation, my (almost) only gripe is some of the naming conventions (for instance, I'd like to have "NewsController" instead of "newsActions" and "action_list" instead of "executeList"). I'd consider that the mark of a job well done.
You might have license problems if you're including code fragments of creol, mojava, propel. They are not all also under the MIT license.
Spell checkers are your friend. Use them. Please. The site will be so much more readable.
Right. We did some spell checking today (I advise you to download the latest version of the documentation) and we'll be doing some more in the upcoming days. You will also notice that some chapters in the documentation archive are still not translated and that some remain to do.
All in all, please be forgiving for all the typos ans spelling mistakes. We released the documentation as soon as possible, and we are all of French maternal language.
If someone is interested in giving us a hand for a global proofreading, we'd be delighted...
I haven't been able to download the tar gz file, installing from pear also failed, the only thing that works is using svn and for that I need to do update more than 50 times (I think it was too many that I lost count).
The problem seems to be that the server always refuses to send more than certain amount of data.
Is that because there are too many downloads? Do you plan to put it on sourceforge? It might leverage the bandwidth, if that's really the problem, since it has many mirrors.

by the way, thanks for the great work
Reynard, we had a misconfigured firewall which prevented downloads to work properly. I hoped it is fixed now. PEAR installations and .tgz downloads must work now.

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