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Symfony 5: The Fast Track is the best book to learn modern Symfony development, from zero to production. +300 pages showcasing Symfony with Docker, APIs, queues & async tasks, Webpack, SPAs, etc.

Online doc interface improved

Many impatient symfony users complained that the online version of the book missed the keywords sidebar. We didn't have time to rewrite it for the launch of the online book, but now it is repaired. Google is currently rebuilding its index of our website, so the search box in this sidebar will soon give relevant results again.

We reworked the documentation pages to give faster access to the essential symfony ressources and explain a little what's behind each link. The documentation home is less graphic but more effective. The book chapters are now one click closer from the home page. As for the missing chapters about sfFinder, RSS feeds, emails, sortable lists and a few others, they will be updated to symfony 1.0 and appear as a "cookbook" in the official documentation. In the meantime, you can still read them in the svn repository (be aware that they are partly outdated). You will also notice a new element in the sidebar of the book chapter pages: a quick access table of contents.

We also wanted to inform you that many translation initiatives on the new book have already started, in languages such as Chinese, French and Spanish. "The Definitive Guide to symfony" is a stable version of the documentation, and it will not change much in the near future (except for typo fixes). So that's about the best time to start a translation effort to help spread the symfony word. Check the documentation contributor's guide in the wiki for more information about translating the book.

We received numerous comments about the online book, including typo fixes, and we tried to take them all into account (the pages have just been updated accordingly). We want to thank you all for your encouragements and contributions.

Help the Symfony project!

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Great improvement, although I'm still reading the printed version ;) Thank you for your efforts!
big thanks! like me, when programming, lots of people always have the documentation site in one or more browser tabs open and now it's again a pleasure to use the docs.
despite that i got my paper 'copy' yesterday from amazon :)
Many thanx!
It's my first comment on a news, so again, Thanks a lot!
Continuez comme ca les gars :)
Thanks so much. I really missed the keywords sidebar.
I don't understand... the symfony book is written with a special version of markdown, isn't it? As a consequence, the Chinese version of the book is not processed properly in the wiki. How would I go about to make a doctrine version of the documentation? Does the documentation exist in other (editable) formats?
Standard question once again:
Will there be a downloadable PDF version of the book?
Very Nice,
this is a book content ?
Olivier: Yes, the symfony book uses a superset of Markdown (supported by the PHPMarkdown extra parser). Some of the book syntax (namely tables) isn't handled by the python version. We're seeing if there is an alternative, but to our mind, the wiki is a working place, and the translations will eventually be imported, reinterpreted in PHP and displayed close to the English version.
Besides, Markdown is the only public version.

Blue25: This question was already answered. You can buy a PDF version at our editor's website.
Very Great Job !

Now, I just need to buy the printed book to begin 2007 with a good start !

PS: And for those searching the 0.6.3 online docs : search for my posts on the forum !

There's a link on my site and a downloadable version of the 0.6.3 docs.
you talk about typo fixes, do they concern the paper book ? will you put an errata page on the site for typo or other errors in the paper book ?
Will there be a way to search the book?
Todd: in a previous news they told us that Google is re-indexing the book and the search will be up again as soon as that's finished.
Wee. Just received my book \o/
Hi there,
Book ordered (there were 2 left at !)
See u
By 'impatient', I think Francois means 'keen and enthusiastic' rather than 'rude and demanding' ;-)

Anyway this is great news. I hope to upgrade to the latest RC soon!
I own the book, having it online as well for FREE makes it so easy if I am some where I do not have the book handy. Most times I purchase the ebook and the hard book....THank you so much for putting the book online for free.

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