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Open source rocks

For a commercial company, it is always a serious choice to launch an open-source project. Sensio made this choice, and we are really glad we did it that way.

First, there is one very important thing that many companies don't understand: Open source brings business. Sensio has gained a good number of opportunities and clients thanks to symfony, and the time spent on the framework is really worth the pain.

It is also a great experience as far as human relationships are concerned. We are in touch with people from all over the world, we see new projects arise every day and people report it to us with enthusiasm, and, most important, we practiced our English a lot.

Our experience is not just all about PHP and business, there are also some great non-commercial projects that were born and grew up lately thanks to symfony. And we even received flowers for that!

So we want to thank all of the contributors, the ones who use symfony for their projects, and the loyal forum writers. Keep up making this community a success and open source a good choice!

And if some of you ever come by Paris, we'll be delighted to share a drink - symfony, free as in beer...

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Well put Francois! You guys really deserve a lot of credit for making such excellent development tools!
totally! one of the things that companies dont get is that its a chance to shows their skills to the world. I am totally impressed with more than just the coding, its the full use of best practices and informed decision making that only comes from experience.

Well done to you all.
open source rocks because of people like you.
Thanks Francois from me, from Indonesia ^_^.

Give my regards to all developer of symfony.

Keep the good work !
Greetings from Turkey. As I've been into Symfony for 4 months, it had been the main reason for me to stick to PHP for web-development. I want to thank all Symfony developers for providing such a good open-source framework for the PHP community. Please keep up the good work.
Greetings from Ukraine!
PHP is *hot* again thanks to you guys!
do they smell good?
Greetings from Portugal.
Great job guys!
Greetings from New Zealand -- the opposite side of the world! Even here, symfony is being put to good use. Thanks a lot for the tools that make my work a joy.
Kudos to you all from Ghana--yes...GHANA! As far as Open Source is concerned in developing countries, Symfony is a breath of fresh air.

When in Paris, I'll be sure to give you gentlemen a call.
This really is an attitude more companies should have.
Thanks a lot and lets keep up the work.

Greetings from belgium sure rocks..well done to the developers of symfony, u guys are the one who rocks..and to anyone reading this post who haven't tried symfony yet..go give it a go, you'll be amazed and just like me..i've been working with symfony for 3 month and already started 4 projects with next mission is to contribute one symfony application to the community, as my token of appreciation and a way to say TERIMA KASIH (thank u in malay) u guys, from Malaysia.
Wow, it's quite the international crew giving you guys kudos. As a boring ole American, I'd like to pass on my thanks as well. Awesome job with this guys!
In Brazil, we are using Symfony, too. I've finished my first application in Symfony. I am promoting Symfony to another person. Symfony is cool! Thanks for the work of the Symfony team.
The country across the river is not represented yet: Dankeschoen aus Deutschland!

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