Problem with PEAR 1.4.7

If you run commands that use PEAR (like pear upgrade or symfony plugin-install), you might get the following error:

  Discovery of channel "" failed.

This is due to a bug in the version 1.4.7 of PEAR. This version doesn't recognize channel names containing dashes, and - damn - our channel is called "".

There are two possible workarounds, until the bug is fixed by the PEAR team:

- downgrade PEAR to 1.4.6 by typing

  pear upgrade -f PEAR-1.4.6

- apply the patch to the PEAR bug #6960 manually

Sorry for that, it should soon be fixed with a new PEAR release.


Thanks for the info.
I was using XAMPP on Windows and got this error due to PEAR-1.4.7
I did not have to have useless time.

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