Promoting Symfony: One step at a time

One of the best things about Open Source is the community of users around it. Here at the Symfony project, we are proud to have an extensive user community comprised of so many special people. In this article, we would like to introduce a very special member and his incredible adventure.

Marc Morera is a young developer from Barcelona and has been a diehard fan of Symfony for a long time. He is the leader of the Symfony Barcelona user group and has published several open source bundles. He recently co-founded his own company to develop a new Symfony2-based e-commerce platform called Elcodi.

Marc is so grateful for the Symfony project and its community that he has decided to do something special for the next SymfonyCon conference in Madrid this year. The idea is to re-enact the Way of St. James concept to the Symfony world. He intends to walk the 350 kilometers (220 miles) between Zaragoza and Madrid! (see the Google Maps route).

He will divide his adventure into 10 steps, walking almost 7 hours to complete 35 kilometers (22 miles) daily. To give his pilgrimage "a Symfony touch", each step will be named after one Symfony component, from Routing to DependencyInjection. At the end of each step, Marc will publish a short introductory article about the component in his personal blog.

The final step isn't fully defined yet. Marc would love to have other Symfony community members join him for the last leg of his trip. No matter what happens, we'll follow him closely and publish the result of his experience. Good luck Marc and see you at the SymfonyCon!

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What! Awesome! I had the pleasure of meeting Marc in Mexico (of all places for a Spaniard and someone from the US to meet) and love his energy. We don't have our schedule yet, but maybe Leanna and I will be able to join you - it sounds like a lot of fun :).
Wow! That is crazy, but that is so awesome! Very nice!
We all love Marc and his crazy ideas haha, good luck my friend!
That would be awesome, Ryan!!

Thanks you guys, these crazy ideas are what make life a lovely adventure :D
Yow, that's great! Will wait for it!
Respect. That sounds like a marathon walk. I'll do my best to make it to Symfonycon as well but I'm a bit "lazy" :P and I'l just take a plane, hehe :D
just checked "GearmanBundle" and it is awesome!!! thanks
Good luck Marc! You will be nominated as Best Symfony Evangelist for 2014 ;-)
Awesome, Good luck.

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