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Read the symfony documentation offline

As of today, most of the symfony documentation is available as PDF files.

The PDF files are available for all major symfony versions. You can download the Jobeet tutorial for Propel or Doctrine, the Forms book, or the Cookbook. Tutorials are also available like the "What's new?" tutorial for symfony 1.2. Even the good old askeet tutorial has been converted to PDF.

For symfony 1.2, the PDF files represent more than 1300 pages of documentation!

The PDFs will be always up-to-date with the latest version of the documentation as they are re-generated each night.

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Groovy! This will help a lot. Thanks
Wow! Thank you a lot guys, I've been waiting for this for quite a long time.
Very great !
Do you plan do make a plugin about this pdf generation based on markdown syntax ?
I could be cool :-)
I would also appreciate "converting" all the nice documentation stuff into a plugin. I know Jon has it also in his public repository of the Doctrine Website, but this is not in a reusable state. It would really be a useful tool for any symfony project!
@all: The generation is very tied to the way we manage the documentation and the conversion itself is done by princexml, which is not a free software.
This is fantastic news, Fabien - developing offline will become a lot easier now!

For completeness, can I suggest that you also bundle and convert the refactoring tutorial you blogged a few months ago? It's a very useful document and would benefit from a) being on the main documentation page and b) being available offline.

Really nice to have offline PDF docs! Now, all we need is an offline version of the API.

The best format I find, as I'm a Windows user, is CHM!!! I use the CHM PHP documentation and it rocks!
thank you very much, this 'd be very useful to us!tks again
What can I say. Thank u very much!
I bought Practical Symfony (always nice to have a book), but having a PDF to carry around is very useful too, thank you guys!
Merci beaucoup. Voila qui va aider.
Yeah :)
Great! But what about translations? I mean, we did a big effort to get whole Jobeet in italian, we would like to enjoy pdf too ;-)
@Massimiliano Arione: The PDF generation represents a huge amount of work. We have not yet worked on PDFs for pther languages, because of some problems with encoding, and because most translations are not up to date, and not finished. I know that the Jobeet tutorial has been finished in 3-4 languages. Please, contact me by email to see what we can do.
Soy estudiante y estoy interesado en la documentación
nice to see PDF help
It's a good idea to present all documentation in PDF forms

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