Say hello to the the second release candidate of symfony 1.1

The second release candidate of symfony 1.1 has been released today. Here's a quick changelog:

  • Added the ability to merge forms
  • Secured non-production controllers by default by inserting an IP check for into those controllers.
  • Refactored renderPartial() and renderComponent() in sfAction (code has been splitted to create a getPartial() and a getComponent() method)
  • Fixed sfForm cannot handle sfValidatorFile in embed form
  • Fixed internal URI when a route has some default parameters not present in the pattern
  • Fixed cloning unbound sfForm triggers unnecessary validation
  • Fixed I18n forms saving twice the i18n objects, once with empty default objects and once with bound objects
  • Fixed sfWidgetFormSchema rendering when there are only hidden fields
  • Fixed yml validator file can be overriden by a remote attacker
  • Propel schema inheritance is now supported by Yaml schema syntax
  • Syck extension support has been removed
  • Better phpdoc for the whole code

To upgrade an existing project based on another 1.1 beta, you have to run the following commands:

$ php symfony propel:build-model 
$ php symfony propel:build-forms
$ php symfony cache:clear   

To upgrade a project using symfony 1.0, you're invited to carrefully read the UPGRADE file.

The next step will be the release of symfony 1.1 stable.

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Say hello to the the second release candidate of symfony 1.1

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For those wanting to upgrade symfony using PEAR you may need to specify the channel/pakage version e.g.
pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.0RC2
For me the following command also worked with no problem at all:
pear upgrade symfony/symfony-beta
@Peter: You really need to use symfony/symfony-1.1.0RC2 because symfony/symfony-beta will install the latest beta or stable. So, next time we release a 1.0 version, it will install it instead of 1.1.
"The next step will be the release of symfony 1.1 stable."

And i can't wait to use it! :D
Nice work.

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