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Say Thanks to the Libraries you Depend on

If you're like me, you build apps that depend on a lot of great PHP libraries that are maintained by countless talented developers. That's amazing! The PHP community has come so far! And while I try my best to contribute back, it's tough to show appreciation for all these efforts.

Sometimes, I just want to send some 💖 and shout THANKS!

Say hello to Thanks: a Composer plugin to give thanks to your PHP dependencies in the form of a GitHub ⭐:

Composer thanks

This will star every PHP package you depend on as well as Composer and PHP. It was inspired by cargo-thanks.

Thanks is a tool for the entire PHP community: we hope everyone will use it to thank whatever libraries they use. For the largest projects, Thanks already sends stars to their main repository.

So if you love the libraries you depend on, share some thanks :)

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Sweet, thanks for this innovation!
Really great idea :) Installed!
Shouldn't it be under the FriendsOfPhp organization if it's a tool for the whole php community?
@Patrik that could be an option, but I'd prefer that this command was added to Composer itself in its next version.
I like that idea :) ... and yes it where sweet if we had this native via Composer.
Nice idea ;) gj
should this installed globally? or per project?
I love it! Thanks Ryan!
And Thanks Nicolas!
@Xsanisty Dev yes, you can install it globally if you prefer. It's explained in the README of the GitHub repo:
Me too, I just want to send some 💖 and shout a big THANKSSS!
@Xsanisty Dev
Install it per-project... it also comes automatically when you start a new Flex project :)

@Jérémy Romey
Yea, you're right - the work was mostly done by Nicolas ;)
It's cool & sexy! 🙈
Fantastic!, thanks
Great idea 😀
It's cool.
Fantastic =;)
Great. I always star repo that I helps me in some way to show appreciation, even though i can't contribute in other way. Also, in most cases, more star means more popular and i want to help with that aspect too.
⭐️ For you Ryan !
Downloading and using it ! :-)
A great idea and a fantastic tool - thanks!

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