SensioLabs Connect, a week later

To celebrate our 1000th user on SensioLabs Connect in a week, we have just rolled out a new version that takes into account some of the feedback we had from the community after the launch.

First, and by popular demand, we now support Gravatar for profile photos (this is in fact the default now if you don't upload a photo).

We have worked on the email confirmation problems (we should be whitelisted now in various databases) and you can now even get a duplicate of the confirmation email if needed.

The most important news of course is the new badges that we have added to the system:

  • The first 100 registered users were awarded a unique badge to thank them for being fast (sorry for the others, this badge won't be awarded anymore);

  • The attendees of all Symfony Live Conferences have also been awarded a badge;

  • Finally, some badges have been awarded based on the seniority in the community.

You can see most of them on my profile.

The Symfony Live Conference badges and the seniority badges are awarded based on a match between your email on SensioLabs Connect and the one you used when registering on various websites (,,,, ...). To be clear, if the emails do not match, you won't have the badge. Hopefully, we have added a way to link additional emails to your account just for this purpose (they allow us to better track your past community achievements). So, go your account, add the emails you used previously on these websites, and soon enough, you will gather more badges!

Many people asked us for the OAuth2 documentation and how they can connect to the system. Frankly, we didn't expected such an interest so early after launch; so we are far from ready yet but we are working hard to make it available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have started to work on a public API. You can now get public profiles via JSON by adding .json at the end of any public profile (like in

Stay tuned as we have many more exciting features in the work.


Just a hint - it would be quite cool to have company profiles in connect, since there can be many people presenting the same company (e.g. knplabs or sensio).

Anyway, it's an excellent service!
Absolutely agree with Andrew about the company profiles!

Anyway thanks for all your work and bringing some fun in unlocking badges :)
Is there a Bugtracker for Sensio Connect ?

Currently the Loginform on the left on does not show you if you mistyped your password or username, it just shows the page with the form again.

Does not happen on the login-form in the upper-right corner here: "".

Feature: Showing the user whats wrong after submitting forms
In order to know what I do wrong
As a user
The SensioConnect Loginform should tell that I did something wrong

Given I am not loggend in on Sension Connect
And I did not yet allow "" as a Connection
And I am on ""
When I press "connected" # Then I am on
And I enter username
And I enter wrong password
And I press "Sign in"
Then I should see "Your Username or Password is wrong"
The additional e-mail addresses is great, hopefully this will add a few years to my count :)

However, when i completed my profile, I never received any 100% completion badge, and I still haven't despite uncompleting it and completing it again.

I'm guessing there might be more of us out there with the same problem?
Great news!
Its funny, i was just asking about the badges this morning on IRC and here is the answer! :)
Thanks for the efforts to facilitate community growth.
Wow, my comment without breaks looks weird ... i can has nl2br() plz ?

At least looking in the source-code the breaks are still there :)
+1 for: company profiles, to have a link to our symfonians profil and badges for sf1 plugins or sf2 bundles. :)
I am very sad not to see a "6 years badge" on your profile... and on mine ;)
Great news, i join you :)
Is there any way to change username? Or for example change profile url?
+1 for link to symfonians profile;
+1 for company profiles;
What about "3 years badge" on my profile ?
Nice work.

BTW, how did you get the information about "how many years involved in [s|S]ymfony ?" ?
William, as I understand it's collected from registration dates on old forum, trac, and plugin repository.
Great community initiative. How did i get 2 100% badges?
I like the whole connect idea, but I think it's not really logical to have to link all sorts of accounts in order to complete your profile. I don't have a LinkedIn account, I don't want one, yet I can't complete my profile without it. Linking 1 or 2 accounts to complete your profile is fine, but all of them?
I really like this initiative.

But why the .json ending and not a nice Accept header? Also it would be awesome if you could add CORS support for the public data.

Good job! Keep it up. :)
I can see my Symfony Live 2011 SF Badge ! whoo hoo, also my membership date was updated. thanks
@Tobias Sjösten: CORS support is now enabled.
How do I add the Social section to my profile?
Got it. I need a website to show the others social sites. The thing is... I don't have a website :)
nice work!!

+1 company prfiles

Have the ability to scan non english communities?
Nice work and very interesting ...
The patch is very interesting!
How about integrating/merging this with the site?
+1 for bug tracker

e.g. on the public profiles line breaks in the biography/about won't show up, nl2br() pls

Otherwise great work!

Will additionally linked E-Mail addresses be used for badges too (e.g. work e-mail used for conferences)?
I'm looking forward to see how the project will evolve! :-)
Awesome feature and nice badges! I like that the whole thing is o effortless.
Funny though that I seem not to have attended sflive2010.. :)
Great work guys!
Nice, I have "1 year" and "2 years" badges !
joined, what a pity not to be in first 100!
+1 user on connect :)
Thanks for fixing the confirmation mail issue.
You should also look at the password reset function, right now you can enter anyone's email to reset their password.
Symfony gamification ROX!!! :-)
A really great work! Joining the network :)
Excellent, it begins to be funny.
Should be great to have "friendship" between members and an easy way to search them...
And is there badges for github pull requests and other contribution on github ?

The API is a great idea, I'll check with the team to put our badges on our website.

Nice work as usual...
Gamifying the Symfony community was a very clever move ;-)

I would like to have friendships/contacts á la as well.

Club and contact Suggestionen would be nice, too.

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