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Some news on the new plugin system

A week after the release of the new plugin system, a lot of activity has taken place. More than 30 plugins were created, and 51 new releases were published on 27 different plugins.

Based on the feedback I have received from the community, I have made some tweaks to the system:

  • The home page has been redesigned. Now, you have access to the newest plugins and the recently updated ones. The search engine is also displayed a bit differently to make it clear how it works.

  • If you want to be informed when a new plugin is created or when a new release for your favorite plugin is published, you can now subscribe to the new plugin RSS feed or the recently updated plugins RSS feed.

  • The documentation for some plugins was only available on the Wiki because it was not bundled within the plugin. So, to ease the transition, the old trac information is now browseable again with this special URL ( If you are a plugin author, please try to migrate all your documentation in the plugin README file as soon as possible. Please, keep in mind that this is a temporary URL.

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Unfortunately, the pagination doesn't work. When browsing the plugins list, we can only see the first page of results. The link to the second page redirects to the home page
@Pierre: Oops, fixed now
It seems that was lost one of my plugins: sfCompressWebFilesPlugin

In the wiki is:

@phpleo: Why do you think it has been lost. I can find it here:

as expected...

Good job Fabien. By the way, can you keep us informed about doctrine plugins as they just seem to have disapeared from the site i.e : searching for "doctrine" returns nothing.
after a few more looks, it turns out there are a few doctrine plugins, but still, the search doesn't work as expected (for partial strings at least), and sfDoctrineSimpleCMS can't be find.
I think it would make more sense if the search was on the top of the homepage followed by news.
I think you shuold add an option to search
by plugin status (stable/beta/...)
perhaps a comment/discution page for each plugins could be useful, Exchanging some informations about a plugins with the author/contributor and share them with the world, not only by exchange by mail
It would be nice to release an how-to about packaging plugin and what convention to adopt when including Readme and License file for instance. Since I embed a README and a LICENSE file and they doesn't show up in my plugin page... (sfFirePHPLoggerPlugin).

I certainly screwed something but what...
Is it possible to add some description of the plugin to the "new plugin feed"? I think this would be very useful.
I recently uploaded a new plugin, sfDoctrineTree and the new system is very nice. I included screen shots in the README file pointing the files on snv and it works fine.

If I am not mistaking, the data coming from the package file is extracted when the package is uploaded, so we have upload a new package for any change to show in the README or other, right? It would be nice if the content of the first tab came from a field that we could update in the admin tag instead so that we don't have to upload a new version to post some info on the front page of the plugin.

The other thing I am not sure is about a track system. Is this not implemented yet? Or do we have to use something else?
If we're going to remove the plugins wiki pages eventually (you say the link is temporary), can we get a wiki tab on the plugins pages? I just think it's nice to be able to have a wiki for each plugin.

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