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Spanish Symfony Conference 2010

The first Spanish Symfony Conference took place on July 5 and 6 at the Jaume I University of Castellón, Spain. Symfony is the most popular PHP framework in every Spanish-speaking country, but this was the first opportunity for the community to gather around their favorite framework.

The conference started with an introduction to symfony, followed by Doctrine and symfony views sessions. The admin generator and the best practices for setting up a development environment completed the afternoon talks. The first day finished with some practical case studies.

The second day started with an insightful session about symfony forms and a practical session about plugins, followed by MongoDB and symfony scalability talks. The conference closed with an overview of the upcoming Symfony2.


In total, more than one hundred people attended the conference, surpassing all the initial expectations. Most attendees thrilled with the current status and the future of symfony. Some developers even committed to ditch their current frameworks and switch to Symfony.

Following the symfony philosophy, all the materials used at the conference are freely available: keynote slides, photos and video recordings of the sessions.

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Congratulations Javier!!! Great Work!
Also, you should have more communication with your followers on Mexico :) Symfony is a great tool.

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