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Standardizing the GitHub Topics for Symfony repositories

GitHub has introduced a new feature called Topics that are "labels that create subject-based connections between GitHub repositories". In other words, they are tags that allow you to explore projects by type, technology and more.

In order to make the Symfony ecosystem stronger and more standardized, we propose to use some common topics for Symfony related repositories. Of course you are free to follow or ignore these recommendations, but following them will make us stronger.

If your repository is a Symfony Bundle, consider using the following four topics (in addition to your own topics):

  • php, it may seem redundant but it contributes to make the PHP ecosystem look as big as it really is;
  • symfony, recommended for any repository related to the Symfony project (don't add the Symfony version (symfony2, symfony3) to avoid fragmentation);
  • bundle, short, memorable and ideal for Symfony bundles;
  • symfony-bundle, it may seem redundant too, but it's useful to exclude projects that use our bundle topic and are not related to Symfony.

If your repository is a Symfony application instead of a bundle, consider using:

  • php
  • symfony
  • symfony-application

If your repository is related to Silex, consider using:

  • php
  • silex
  • silex-provider

If your repository is related to Twig, consider using:

  • php
  • twig
  • twig-extension

Lastly, in addition to adding stars to the main Symfony GitHub repository, don't forget to star the read-only Symfony repositories (for example, the Console component repository, the MonologBundle repository, etc.) to make them more discoverable.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Standardizing the GitHub Topics for Symfony repositories

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Is there a distinction between applications making heavy use of Symfony components vs the entire framework? Maybe Symfony and Symfony-application topics are appropriate for both?
@Hayden it depends: if the application uses just 1 or 2 components, it's hard to consider it a Symfony application (so using just "symfony" would make sense). If the application uses lots of components, then it makes sense to add both "symfony" and "symfony-application".
Great news!

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