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symfony 0.6 will be released on Friday

The 0.6 release of symfony is almost ready. We are currently putting the finishing touches on the code and documentation.

If you wish to give us a hand for the last days, feel free to install the latest alpha and to build an application with it. Make sure you read What's new in 0.6 and the upgrade instructions. Report bugs to the related section of the symfony forum.

If everything goes as planned, the 0.6 will be released in a stable state on Friday (Feb. 10th), the day of the PHP Architect podcast. We are looking forward to sharing your first impressions then.


Super fine.
Will it be stable or beta?
Both cases, happy to see it growing up.
A good news.
Looking forward to it immensely!

@Jakazu, it says that it will be released in a stable state.
Great news!
Looking forward to it
Great news. Looking forward to it.

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