symfony 1.0.0rc2 released

I've just released and tagged symfony 1.0.0rc2.

This release fixes installation problem with PEAR 1.5 and the book has been updated with figures.


I'm sorry to tell you, but the error with installing via PEAR 1.5.0 still appears. Also, symfony shows up as Version 1.0.0rc1 both on the Web Debug Toolbar and on the `symfony -V` cli command.


PEAR says symfony 1.0.0rc2 is installed (and I installed it explicit via URL)
Fix this by manually changing the version number in the VERSION file (e.g. /usr/share/php/symfony/VERSION)
I made an error when packaging rc2. In fact rc2 was equal to rc1.

I've recreated the package now. So, you can clear your PEAR cache and retry. I've just tested it and it works fine now. Sorry.
Now it works. Thanks for your efforts :)
Pierre, get a better haircut buddy..first thing is first.
is the documentation for sfMail in the actual book? when will it be available online again?
Mike, grow up
Mike, I think it doesn't matter what haircut I like to wear, especially on parties/events I visit.

As Dragan said - grow up baby boy.
Hmmmm ... the VERSION file in the trunk (r3314) (which I SVN checkout) says 1.0.0-rc1. But the rc2 tag version says 1.0.0-rc2 (r3383).

This puzzles me a bit. I'd think that the trunk is more recent that the rc2 tag.

Fabien, said it's fixed in the PEAR package, but in SVN it seems this is still a problem.

Or am I missing something here? I have a flu as an excuse .... ;-)
@Jordi: I created a branch for symfony 1.0. So, now all 1.0 development takes place in the /branches/1.0 svn branch.
Hi Fabien,


I wasn't sure if a symfony upgrade 1.0 was necessary, but did it anyway ;-) My project is on rc2 now.

For my knowledge: you made a special, isolated 1.0 branch because of the near stable status and want to make sure it stays that way?
Fabien, thanks for all the excellent work..don't let people like Pierre and Dragan lips bring you down.. Symfony is great..
Mike, sorry - but - you're stupid.
Hi here.

Thanks Fabien for your great job: symfony is really a nice framework.

Unfortunaltely I can't upgrade from 1.0 beta 4 to 1.0 rc 2 using PEAR. It says beta 4 is newer.
What should I do ?

C:\wamp\php\PEAR>pear upgrade channel://
downloading symfony-1.0.0rc2.tgz ...
Starting to download symfony-1.0.0rc2.tgz (1,910,751 bytes)
.................................................done: 1,910,751 bytes
ERROR: upgrade to a newer version (1.0.0rc2 is not newer than 1.0.0beta4)
Oh well, a simple "-f" flag on PEAR command force the upgrade.
Now, maybe there is something to improve in the package for this point ?
Wow, good news. Thanks Fabien and symfony guys. I will waiting for 1.0 definitive release.
Where can I find info on how I can migrate my project from older symfony version to RC2?
I had been using 0.6.2 and nothing seem to work after symfony upgrade.
symfony cc produces
you must be in a symfony project directory
Nevermind, I found it
symfony upgrade 1.0

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