symfony 1.0.1 released

We released symfony 1.0.0 just a month ago. Time for another release. symfony 1.0.1 is a bug fix only release. The symfony 1.0 branch only contains bug fixes (no new features).

Here are all bugs fixed in this release:

  • r3624: fixed security.yml case sensitivity
  • r3599: fixed sfYaml::load() not returning correct values
  • r3598: removed unneeded usage of JavaScript helpers in the web debug toolbar
  • r3597: fixed sfConsoleRequest::initialize() signature
  • r3541: fixed typo in the cache classes when logging

The major bug fix concerns the security.yml configuration file and actions case sensitivity (see r3624 changeset and symfony mailing-list for more information of the issue).

So, if your application contains some secured modules, this is a recommended upgrade. As for every 1.0.X release, you can upgrade to 1.0.1, clear the cache and you're done.


Thank you for that release, that typo in cache classes was really annoying sometimes :)

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