symfony 1.0.10 is out

Ladies and gentlemen, after a tremendous sprint, here is the release 1.0.10.


* r6622: Problem with ProjectExport and directory structure change (#2606)
* r6614: fixed magic_quotes_gpc() handling in sfRouting (#1801)
* r6610: fixed non-sf exception handling (#2064)
* r6607: fixed incorrect use of sfConfigCache:checkConfig(..., true) (#2123)
* r6469: fixed sfOutputEscaperObjectDecorator::toString() as PHP 5.2.5 does not allow exception in toString() methods (#2630)
* r6398: fixed default log file permissions (#2145)
* r6378: fixed typo in sfDebugConnection (#2524)
* r6375: changed implementation of sfCultureInfo::simplify (#1821)
* r6371: fixed connecting to a database using unix socket (#2539)
* r6358: fixed sfProcessCache eaccelerator delete also cached scripts
* r6337: reverted changes for default time and date format

The Debian package is coming soon. As promised, it will come with symfony bash completion.

Many thanks to all contributors.

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Yesterday I predicted the big come out of the release 1.0.10 just one day before the day after tomorrow! Congratulations! :)
super!! ^^

Just stopping in to say hi to y'all as a new member.

I would like to underline how I totally dig the fact that Symfony point release only deal with bug fixes and *only* bug fixes.

I have spent so much time investigating obscure changes in PHP point release (date, glob(), object_get_vars) that I can really appreciate being able to upgrade production servers to new Symfony point release will only a quick reviews of the changes.

With peace of mind comes great code :-)

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