symfony 1.0.11 is out

Here comes the first 1.0 symfony release in 2008 !

In this month's menu we have :

* r6765, r6766: fixed error message in getPresentationFor() (closes #1527)
* r6764: fixed logic error in sfPager class affects haveToPaginate() method (closes #1512)
* r6768, r6769: added mime types caching in sfWebRequest (closes #1811, #1846)
* r6761, r6762: fixed content type charset on non text/* content-type (closes #1811, #1968)
* r6743: doc: fixed typos (closes #2580, #2596, #2518)
* r6740, r6741: fixed sequences bug for postgresql (closes #2584)
* r6987, r6988: fixed caching-Bug of file sfWebresponse.class.php (#2764)
* r6649: fixed value for 'Content-Type' HTTP meta header is repeated (closes #1756, #2557, #2402, #2398)
* r6648: fixed call to undefined method sfResponse::sendHttpHeaders (closes #2412)

Many thanks to all contributors who participate in making symfony 1.0 better every month.

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The Debian/Ubuntu package is now available. Enjoy ...
Thank you very much for the great work.
Thanks a lot ;)
YAY the first release in this year =) Thx.
This release has not been corrected this :(
Funny fact that the RAR-archived versions of both 1.0.10 and 1.0.11 symfony releases differ just in 3 bytes! :)

Waiting for symfony cache system to become more flexible.
How Can I upgrade from debian packages, Please let me know what is the url of deb packages?
Thank you. It would be great if #NNNN were linked to the actual ticket (closes #1756, #2557, #2402, #2398).
I can not upgrade.

C:\>pear remote-list -c symfony
pake 1.1.4
sfEzpdo -n/a-
symfony 1.0.11

C:\>symfony -V
symfony version 1.0.10

C:\>pear upgrade symfony/symfony
Nothing to upgrade
try this

pear upgrade channel://

It worked for me !!!
Is it just me or sth wrong with "pear install symfony/symfony"? Here is the error msg that I got:
No releases available for package ""
Cannot initialize 'channel://', invalid or missing package file
Package "channel://" is not valid
install failed

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