After two months and more than 30 tickets closed, the 1.0.12 comes with spring. As it fixes an important security issue and windows plugins problems, we do strongly advise you to update your projects.

 Here is the changelog :

* r8019: sfWebRequest handles multi-dimensional file input fields (backported from 1.1) (closes #2009)
* r8010: 1.0: merged fix for potential php notice (closes #3168)
* r8006: fixed plugin-install command on windows (closes #2590)
* r7999: button_to produces invalid XHTML (closes #3113)
* r7997: admin generator handles plain fields (closes #2935)
* r7977: fixed view cache doesn't accept zero client lifetime (closes #3141)
* r7850: fixed default error_reporting values (PHP 5.2 has a new constant) (closes #3098)
* r7831: fixed inclusion of generator.yml for every module (closes #1949)
* r7802: fixed "Cannot unset string offsets" error
* r7769: Etag was not checking correctly the enclosing quotes. (closes #3065)
* r7762: fixed web debug toolbar segfaults PHP when debugging using xdebug
* r7665: correction in DateFormHelper? (fixes #3023)
* r7620: added instructions to allow periods in routes (closes #2295)
* r7589: fixed sfNumberValidator to reject hexadecimal values (closes #2741)
* r7547: fixed uri encoding / xhtml error (closes #2968)
* r7541: fixed hebrew calender language file for 1.0 (closes #2970)