symfony 1.0.14 is out

symfony 1.0.14 is out. As usual, this is a bug fix release. We might have called this version the «fillin filter release» as lot of tickets concerning this filter have been closed. A lot of thanks go to Fabian Lange for his remarkable work on this and more generally for his commitment in the symfony project.

Here is the changelog :

  •  r8763: fixed DateHelper distance_of_time_in_words() generates incorrect output for some dates (closes #3322)
  •  r8754: validation yml with fillin is used even without other validators defined in the file. (closes #3232)
  •  r8720: fixed url validation bug by applied carls patch (1.1 backport). (closes #1373)
  •  r8718: Add support for "paramName" option to _auto_complete_field() function (closes #2345)
  •  r8716: sfFillInForm adds a content-type meta if non present so that dom->loadHTML works correctly. (closes #2653)
  •  r8709: fillin now handles array notations like <input type="text" name "textinput[]"/> correctly. (closes #2811)
  •  r8707: fixed ajax response fillin, which does not include a doctype because it is returned without layout. (closes #1687)
  •  r8699: added compat options to propel database  (fixes #3364)
  •  r8695: made sfFillInForm work with checkbox arrays as well like checkbox_many[]. (closes #1776, #3399)
  •  r8664: made sfMySQLSessionStorage more robust by using SQL date functions and no longer injecting php timestamps. (fixes #3394)
  •  r8651: corrected checking for Eaccelerator in sfProcessCache. (closes #3425)
  •  r8445: fixed web debug toolbar in safari (closes #3328, #1673)
  •  r8319: added some more information to non symfony exceptions. (closes #2864)
  •  r8282: fixed autoloading with CVS (closes #2795)

Debian Package will be available soon.

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Thanks Fabian !

It seems it fix the character encoding bug while using ajax forms.
ÙŒplease let me know how can I download and upgrade debian packages of symfony?
Ghassem, Debian details are on the installation page. However they may not be available for 1.0.14 yet, as per Grégoire's post.
Grégoire, many thanks for this release. Don't forget to change the version number on the homepage :)
Hi, i've upgrade with this version and it seems like an error with fix r8445 because, web debug toolbar does not work anymore... It's seem work on IE7 but not on firefox Win/XP
Sorry :p
I'have deactivate javascript on my browser. It's not bug.
Halfer, thx for the feedback, I hadn't noticed this on the homepage :)
i have a problem with PEAR upgrade
it seems that pear does not download complete file and later on is unable to unpack it.

is it my local problem or is it smething wrong with your servers?
After 1.0.12 (1.0.11 was fine) I'm unable to upgrade

>pear upgrade symfony/symfony
Nothing to upgrade
I get this error when doing a

pear list-upgrades

File not valid (received:
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

and when doing a

pear upgrade symfony/symfony

Error getting channel info from File
iara_PEAR_Server_REST/p/packages.xml not valid (received: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Nothing to upgrade

Hope this helps.
There is this bizarre bug I haven't read anything about yet.

When fillin is enabled, all the closure html tags written inside javascript variables are removed.

so, by example:

var testVar = 'Hi'

renders as:

var testVar = 'Hi'

I'm not able to find any help about this anywere in the web.

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