symfony 1.0.15 is out

After the release of PHP 5.2.6 here is symfony 1.0.15. This revision fixes a regression in php5.2.6 and we do recommend you to upgrade if you plan to upgrade your PHP. Symfony 1.1 is not impacted by this problem.


  • r8861: fixed problem with PHP 5.2.6 and ini variables access value (closes #3466 - related to
  • r8836: fixed some issues with button_to helper (closes #3184)
  • r8831: fixed include_remove option not used in ObjectAdminHelper? (closes #2079)
  • r8827: remote_function will return a complete Javascript statement including the trailing semicolon. (closes #3135)
  • r8825: fixed I18N helper dependency (closes #1794)
  • r8823: fixed FCK editor not being populated by fillin filter. (closes #732)
  • r8819: corrected ID generation for TinyMCE rich editor when no id was given. (closes #3474)

I did not release the 1.0.14 debian package as I knew we would have to release a new version these days. The 1.0.15 package will come shortly.

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Please let us know if you still experience issues with Pear.
great to see that this nasty php 5.2.6 bug is resolved and released so quickly.
And that my rich editor fixes are in as well :-)

Pear upgrade worked here ok.
wonderful activity
pear upgrade OK
nice to see such fast progress :)
Better upgrade.. my dev is on 1.0.9.
Need to increment the version number on the homepage!
The Debian package is now available. Users of dotdeb packages can now upgrade safely.

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