symfony 1.0.17 is out

The symfony team is proud to announce the immediate availability of symfony 1.0.17. Lot of bugfixes in this release and more than 20 tickets closed.

  • r9969: changed escaping of metas (and title) from htmlspecialchars to htmlentities to preserve intended encoding. fixes #2860.
  • r9959: fixed gpc_magic_qutes and array in cookie (closes #3458).
  • r9957: fixed convertUrlStringToParameters breaks urlencoded parameter (closes #3788).
  • r9892: fixed PHPMailer issue with UTF-8 subject being wrapped in middle of utf-8 char. fixes #2957.
  • r9861: fixed getColumnFilterTag() component type (closes #2861).
  • r9855: fixed generated admin returning to first page regardless on which page the edit was started. fixes #1280.
  • r9829: backported encoding fix for MySQLiConnection from creole trac. fixes #3017.
  • r9806: fixed i18n XLIFF do not handle entities correctly (closes #3792).
  • r9784: fixed autoload paths on windows (closes #1485).
  • r9668: fixed sfBrowser does not create DOMDocument when response is text/xml (closes #3766).
  • r9538: fixed sfFillInForm to work correctly with nested arrays like: article[description][].
  • r9260: fixed cache corruption in the production environment for admin generated content.
  • r9216: fillin: fixed bug with html documents having extra attributes in head tag.
  • r9209: added third mode for fillin xhtml, same as xml but without prolog (+test). fixes #3568.
  • r9182: fixed phpmailer EOL line style using now PHP_EOL constant. fixes #3313 #3562.
  • r9177: 1.0: backported fix from r8926. fixes #2161.

As usual, the PEAR and Debian packages are going to be available very soon.

As symfony 1.1 will be released soon, we will have 2 stable versions available in the PEAR repository. So, to install the latest 1.0 version with PEAR, you must specify the full version as show below:

$ pear install symfony/symfony-1.0.17

or when upgrading:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.0.17

We've updated the installation page to reflect these changes.

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Thanks a lot :)
Great news - as always!
Thanks, four your work.
I am sorry, but #2860 is not fully resolved in 1.0.17. only code invocations for setting the metas will not be treated correctly I missed the config file handler. That change is in 1.0.18 then.

PS: Just upgraded my live systems from pear without any problems
Great news ppl, keep it up

23:24 Changeset [10000] by fabien
first commit towards symfony 1.2

was that a coincidence ? :)
The debian package is now available.

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