symfony 1.0.18 is out

After 2 months where the activity on the 1.0 branch has been very low, September arrived with a lot of bugfixes from 1.1 and 1.2 branches. Here is a digest of the changelog:

  • r11850: ignore doctrine schema in the propel tasks (closes #4027)
  • r10841: fixed Hours & Minutes not parsed by sfI18N::getTimestampForCulture()
  • r10833: fixed % causes escaping of single quotes in app.yml in some circumstances (closes #2849)
  • r10739: fixed sfBrowser::restart() doesn't reset the session
  • r10328: fixed plugin model overriding (closes #3227)

Many thanks go to all who reported, proposed patches and help fixing these issues.

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...going to update... thanks
the plugin development for 1.0 has been slow too, I hope someone will update the sfPropel13Plugin to the latest propel or it may be the time to upgrade to 1.1
I don't see the updates in PEAR yet?
That # in the app.yml turn me crazy, thx.
i dont see updates in deb .....

now is available on deb, nice =)

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