symfony 1.0.19 is out

While the core team is working hard to release the 1.2, the 1.0 branch is imperturbably going on its path. The version 1.0.19 is now available. As usual, this is a maintenance release.

Here is the changelog :

  • r13098: fixed typo in autoload recursive setting
  • r12958: r12811 introduced a regression: fixtures order is totally random, as sfFinder returns directories entry in arbitrary order.
  • r12811: fixed order of data deleting in sfPropelData (closes #4783)
  • r12201: ixed select_tag() with sfOutputEscaperArrayDecorator: fatal error in template (closes #3923)
  • r12197: fixed Criteria::equals() needs to compare ->groupByColumns with operand's columns (closes #4623)
  • r11954: fixed fWebRequest::getPathInfo doesn't completely remove querystring

As we could expect, the release cycle of the 1.0 is getting slower and it is very likely the next release will be a birthday one. Enjoy !

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Links (for example on installation page) are still 1.0.18
Yes, still the 1.0.18 in the main page. I hack the URL and download this but I don't know if the sandbox was upgraded.
sometimes it takes a while until the packages are published. It is done now
Now fix your keyboard, missing some s and f :)

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