symfony 1.0.21 is out

Here is the long awaited new (and not last) release of symfony 1.0.

As usual, only security and backported bug fixes have been applied to the oldest member of the symfony family to ovoid regressions as much as possible.

The good news is a better support of PHP 5.3 making your 1.0 applications able to run with the newest PHP. As we could expect, after almost 3 years of development, the changelog is getting thiner every time !

  • r20606: fixed a Strict Standards warning under PHP 5.3 (closes #6933)
  • r19912: calling dataDir statically as it should be in sfCultureInfo (fixes #6604)
  • r19911: added check in sfActions that prevents infinite recursion in the execute method when the action name is empty (fixes #6710)
  • r18746: fixed test plan for CLI tasks (closes #6545)
  • r18866: updated lime to 1.0.6
  • r18492: fixed exception page should execute html/javascript code when using html format (closes #5743)
  • r17861: MCE Texteditor now can align images correctly (closes #5745)
  • r17468: fixed cache manager when the cache partial or component is not from the same module as the same action (closes #6265, #5814)
  • r17386: fixed confirm dialog does not work in ie6 (closes #4152)
  • r17357: doSelectWithI18n no longer accidentally modifies the Criteria passed to it (fixes #6243)
  • r17217: Added sf_lazy_cache_key setting to address possible backward compatibility break.
  • r17047: fixed autoloading configuration cache behaves differently on Windows and Linux (closes #6232)
  • r17045: added application/x-zip for Firefox 3 in the compat plugin (refs #6191)
  • r16348: fixed arg_separator.output used in sfRouting (closes #6084)
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symfony 1.0.21?!?! :S
Excellent - I'm still clinging to this 1.0 wreckage like the software martyr I am!

Thanks for the new release!
Thanks for the update! There is definitely life in the old dog yet.
Thanks for the release. I'm still forced to use 1.0 as I cannot upgrade the PHP on the production server.
Thanks very much. We're still happy with 1.0 and haven't had the time to (a) learn the Forms system well enough to start using it productively and (b) upgrade our systems. At some point we will move to 1.2, I imagine, but we'll enable the forms compatibility layer, and are not looking forward to this disappearing in 1.4 ;-)

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