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symfony 1.0.3 released

I've just released symfony 1.0.3. As for every 1.0.X release, there is no new feature, just some bug fixes.

Here are all bugs fixed in this release:

  • r4098: fixed culture problem in sfI18N
  • r4017: fixed a typo in sfViewCacheManager
  • r3951: fixed admin_double_list for Doctrine (#1734)
  • r3935: fixed sfSQLiteCache schema
  • r3862: fixed Zend::loadClass in sfZendFrameworkBridge (#1595)
  • r3815: fixed distance_of_time_in_words() helper (#1514)

As for every 1.0.X release, after upgrading to 1.0.3, don't forget to clear the cache of your projects.



When will be verision 2.0?
I think we're more focused on 1.1 before we even think about 2.0 :)
Good, and do you have any idea when will the version 1.1 avalaible ? Thanks a lot for the job.
Good Job
I can upgrade using pear. The last ersion in pear is 1.0.2
How do I upgrade!?
Caution: there seems to be a problem with lime in this release. :-\
Congratulations to the new version!
I was wondering, when can we expect to have Prototype 1.5.1 bundled with symfony? I need JSON support.
Thanks and keep up the great work!

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