symfony 1.0.7 released

I've just released symfony 1.0.7. This releases fixed a lot of propel-dump-data bugs:

  • r4980: updated pake to 1.1.5 (#2125)
  • r4956: fixed magic_quotes checks from the symfony command line closes (#2155)
  • r4941: fixed sfPropelData doesn't use connection passed on data load (#2149)
  • r4904: fixed dumping Propel data to multiple files
  • r4891: fixed a typo in sfPostgreSQLSessionStorage::sessionGC()
  • r4883: fixed fillInFormFilter can't find form with content_type = xml (#1687)
  • r4834: fixed sfPropelData::dump() filenames when dumping to a directory
  • r4831: fixed propel-dump-data does not preserve data loading order (#1575)
  • r4829: fixed typo in sfPropelData
  • r4827: fixed propel-dump-data & sfGuard (#2019)
  • r4824: fixed propel-dump-data outputs model name when table is empty (#1577)

As for every 1.0.X release, after upgrading to 1.0.7, don't forget to clear the cache of your projects.

Hope to see you at symfony camp this weekend.


Cool, thanks! But the new website fonts are ugly ugly ugly :-((see
Can't upgrade with PEAR:
$ sudo pear upgrade symfony/symfony
Nothing to upgrade
Can't upgrade with PEAR:
$ sudo pear upgrade symfony/symfony
Nothing to upgrade
Try this it works me :-)

pear upgrade channel://
Thanks. Works fine for me too.
No :(
$ sudo pear upgrade channel://
Nothing to upgrade
$ pear list -c symfony
Installed packages, channel
Package Version State
symfony 1.0.6 stable
r4827: fixed propel-dump-data & sfGuard (#2019)

The Debian package is also available from your usual repo ;o)
Is there something wrong with the PEAR channel?

Channel No upgrades available

I had a security error problem when trying to upgrade. Fixed it by running this first.

pear clear-cache
Do we still need to upgrade the individual projects with symfony upgrade 1.0
@john: nope, just clear the cache
hello world !!

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