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symfony 1.0.8 is out

The release 1.0.8 is out today. If we do good enough, the next one should be (maybe) more on schedule.

Here is the changelog:

  •  r5471: fixed admin main.css - absolute to relative paths (#1889)
  •  r5355: plugin-install tasks create relative symlink instead of absolute symlink
  •  r5348: fixed EzComponents library inclusion (#2193)
  •  r5344: allow using a custom form id (#1899)
  •  r5339: fixed sfPropelData error message (#2218)
  •  r5308: fixed sfFileCache::clean() when dir does not exist (#2294)
  •  r5160: fixed double call to clearCredentials() in sfBasicSecurityUser
  •  r5153: fixed code completion not working with sfTestBrowser
  •  r5149: fixed bug in _get_options_from_objects (#1526)
  •  r5145: fixed ETag to be compliant with the HTTP1.1 spec (#2216)
  •  r5141: fixed consistent syntax of i18n helper function when i18n is off
  •  r5061: fixed blank screen of death (#2231 and #1862)
  •  r5001: fixed sfBasicSecurityFilter should not secure the "secure" action either

 As usual, don't forget to clear your project caches after the upgrade.

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The up to date Debian package is also available from our repository.
It would be interesting to know if anyone's using unmodified 1.0.x in production doing the CRUD stuff? Can't wait to see Symfony 1.1 with form validation rewritten from scratch. Bon chance.
Links to the bugs would be nice...
Thanks grégoire, your efforts are much appreciated :-)
I am also looking forward to 1.1. Symfony helps me a lot in my work, thanks:)
Great work !
Great work guys. Thanks for such a great framework and keeping up with bug fixes. I'm looking foward to 1.1!
Great !!!
Thanks Guys.

Looking forward for 1.1

I've update my application from 1.0.7 to 1.08 and it seems faster :)

Well Done
Great Work eveone!!

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