symfony 1.0.9 is out

Hi folks ! The release 1.0.9 is out today. We strongly advise you to upgrade to this version if you plan to use symfony with PHP 5.2.5. The Debian package is coming soon.

Here is the changelog :

  •  r6203: fixed typo in the submit_tag() of the UrlHelper?.php (#2493)
  •  r6129: sfBrowser : ->click() also search for HTML button elements (#2342)
  •  r6125: sfRouting : allow numeric parameters (#2317)
  •  r6019: fixed sfPropelData::dumpData()
  •  r6014: fixed radio button ids
  •  r6013: fixed templates of login & secure actions of default module are exchanged
  •  r6003,r6004,r6007,r6010: merged bug fixes from creole 1.1 + propel 1.2.1 + fixed date
  •  r5997: fixed admin generator filters HTML defect (#1891)
  •  r5856: fixed through_class in admin_*_list tags (#1612)
  •  r5851: fixed sfZendFrameworkBridge autoload (#2314)
  •  r5847: fixed typo in JavascriptHelper?.php (#2464)
  •  r5845: fixed incomplete error message in sfRouting.class.php (#2465)
  •  r5776: fixed typo (#2480)
  •  r5772: backported i18n fixes from Prado + improved DateTimeFormatInfo
  •  r5771: fixed typo in sfMessageSource_MySQL.class.php (#2477)
  •  r5749: reverted YAML schema confusion
  •  r5704: only logged in users are now timed out due to sf_timeout
  •  r5701: fixed propel-build-all-load task execution

Many thanks for all who took time to post bugs and propose patches.

As usual, do not forget to «symfony cc» after your upgrade.


The debian package is now available.
Just curious why this is recommended for php 5.2.5.
Thank You
@Bratt: because of the Date/Time Handling in PHP 5.2.5 which collides with some Propel handling
what about: rich=fck | rich=true; it doesn't work!
I added deb debian/ to my /etc/apt/sources.list in version 1.0.8 and after updating it install for me version 1.0.8, Now I run apt-get update, but when I run apt-get -u install php5-symfony for upgrading, it said me this is at newest release. did you release Deb package? Can I download it manually?

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