symfony 1.1.6 already published

We were a bit fast at releasing the previous maintenance version of symfony 1.1, so here comes the 1.1.6.

This bugfix release fixes two bugs introduced in 1.1.5:

  • one which could make PHP segfaulting in any environment with the web_debug setting enabled and when parsing very large SQL queries to display them in the web debug toolbar (eg. the default env environment - see related ticket)
  • the other bug could prevent handling i18n translations correctly (see related ticket)

Also, we've fixed an annoying bug which could make the symfony command line throwing notices when used outside of an existing project directory.

So you're encouraged to upgrade to this last version by linking your externals to the corresponding tag or, if you're using a PEAR installation, by running this command:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.6
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To upgrade use "pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.6"
x-ray> Your x-ray scan has found it, congrats. Fixed ;)
s/the default env environment/the default dev environment/
upgrade symfony 1.1.6

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