Symfony 1.1.7 released

It's been a long time the symfony 1.1 branch hasn't had a maintenance release, so here comes this fresh 1.1.7 version with its bunch of bugfixes (remember that no new feature won't ever be added to a stable branch of symfony).

Most important fixed bugs are:

  • fixed wrong method call in i18n directories structure handling (see related ticket)
  • fixed form serialization when PDO is used as a session handler (see related ticket and Fabien's blog post about it)
  • fixed problems could occur in mathematical operations when culture is different from en_US.utf8 (see related ticket)
  • fixed lime_coverage incorrectly reports 0% test coverage on Windows platform (see related ticket)
  • fixed issue with cache file corruption due to heavy load (see related ticket)

You can of course consult the full list of closed tickets, or the full changelog for further informations.

To upgrade your existing symfony 1.1 based projects, just run the following command:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.7

You can also use the 1.1.7 tag from the subversion repository.


Not only will I remember that "no new feature won't ever be added", one day I might even understand what it means.
mercilor> Excuse my English, I'm just so French. What it means is that as soon as a branch is declared "stable", only bugfixes may occurs on it. So no new methods or feature can be added, to ensure API consistency and backward compatibility.
in defense of niko, from the top of my bad english I got it. hehehe

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