Symfony 1.1 beta3 is out

First of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Nicolas and I will be the symfony 1.1 release manager :)

We're really pleased to announce the release of symfony 1.1 beta3. This is an important step for symfony 1.1 as it's mostly the result of a huge effort of the community during the last code sprint we organized. Big thanks to all contributors who help making symfony better.

What has been done so far since the beta2:

  • There has been some problem with sfFinder and paths under Windows. The problem has been fixed, every Windows and symfony 1.1 beta2 users having troubles with the symfony cc and symfony generate:crud tasks are invited to upgrade.
  • Both bc and both escaping strategies has been dropped, now only on and off values are available.
  • Action template variables are not available anymore in the layout. This means that the layout has only access to global variables (all sf_ variables) and variables registered via a dedicated event. Refer to this wiki page for more information on how to upgrade.
  • CSRF protection is now disabled by default in the form framework. To enable it, just provide a secret key in the csrf_secret parameters of your app settings.yml file.
  • Formats and mime types support has been added:
    • A new sf_format parameter is now available in routing urls to associate formats and mime types.
    • Each defined format is associated by dedicated template extensions, eg. if the format is js, the default template will be indexSuccess.js.php.
    • The format is supported by templates, layouts, components, and partials.
  • I18n capabilities have been added to the form framework.
  • Now the admin generator work even if sf_compat is set to off.
  • A brand new generate:task task has been created to bootstrap task classes.
  • Documentation has been updated (but is still in a work-in-progress status).
  • By the way, we have now more than 8000 unit and functional tests.

If you're upgrading your project from 1.1 beta2, you just have to run the two following commands:

./symfony project:up
./symfony cc

If you are using an older 1.1 version, you'll have to carefully read the UPGRADE file to update your project.

Last but not least, after this beta3, you can expect a beta4 and a following RC1 as new features won't be added from now.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great news!
Hope to see 1.1 PR soon.
Keep on movin'
So great thing !
Thanks a lot Nicolas :).
Sweet. Thanks Nicolas for the updates.
Exciting news!But I really care more about the documentation. When will it come out?
Good job Nicolas ;)
I think we all want the new docs before the final release so we can study the framework before using it :)
I really don't like what's going on with template variables :-(
$this->getResponse()->setSlot() seems like unnecessary complicated... IMHO.
Dragan> You still have access to slot helpers within your templates (that's where slots should be used)
I was tryig to upgrade SF to 1.0.13 with pear and all pear packages drive me to 1.1 beta 3 :(
Forget it... somebody has switched our dev to beta without warning me...

pear upgrade colleague
Why disable the CSRF by default? I can't imagine why it would be a bad thing to have, especially if you can disable it in the few instances it's unhelpful. Or is it the case that there are more instances where it's obstructive than helpful?

I just thought that generally the best practice is to be safe by default and allow informed practitioners to opt out if there's a good reason, rather than require people to be informed and purposefully opt in (meaning a large proportion will either not know, or will forget).

Anyway, fingers crossed for an RC soon - really want to start inflicting this on our clients ASAP :)

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