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symfony 1.1 beta4 released

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of the fourth beta version of symfony 1.1. Looking at the menu, you'll find:

  • The new forms framework now handles field names based on Propel phpName since r8508. You'll need to regenerate your base forms using the `symfony propel:build-forms` command after having upgraded your project
  • You can now define an i18n translations catalogue for each of your forms
  • Components are now rendered correctly (beta3 broked them)
  • File upload used with a Propel form now works as expected
  • You can now generate task classes using the `generate:task` command
  • The checkbox widget now works correctly when the checkbox value is 0

As usual, don't forget to follow the instructions provided by the UPGRADE file and... yes, you guessed it, clear your cache!

The next release will be the first Release Candidate.



Nice work ;)

When will the new Symfony 1.1 Release Candidate appear ?
Good work!

All tests successful.
Files=206, Tests=8165
broked => broke

... English has so many annoying exceptions ;o)
Good job :)
ce framework est une vraie petite bombe !

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