symfony 1.1 branch

As the features for symfony 1.1 are quite finished now, it's time to move on and start the release process.

To ease things, I've created 2 new branches. The /branches/1.1 hosts the upcoming 1.1 release and /doc/branches/1.1 hosts the 1.1 documentation.

So, if you want your project to be compatible with symfony 1.1 and if you've already started a project using the Subversion /trunk, please switch them to use /branches/1.1 instead.

Be aware that the trunk (the future 1.2 release) will become unstable in the coming weeks as I will make some significant changes there.

So, to sum up:

  • If you want to use the latest stable symfony release, use /branches/1.0 (or the PEAR package, or the sandbox)
  • If you want to help testing the upcoming symfony 1.1 release, use /branches/1.1
  • And don't use the /trunk... except if you're totally crazy ;-)
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I'm new to symfony and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and start learning with 1.0 or should I wait for 1.1. I ask, because I was reading there will be a lot of changes in 1.1.
I think you can start exploring the basic structure of Symfony, so you've got an idea how it all works.

Version 1.1 will introduce improved things, such as the form helpers (will be automatically build now).

Bottom line: start learning as fast as you can, but don't digg in too deep in the subjects that will change in v1.1
Are there already any available docs for 1.1? The stuff in /doc/branches/1.1 seems to be the old doc (I know, I'm on edge but I really want to participate in testing the new features :))
Remember 1.1 will run in 1.0 compatibility mode, and will do for some years, as many people will be running the current stable version and will not upgrade immediately.
Still the question remains whether to wait for the official release or develop with 1.09. any estimated timeframe? (weeks/months?)
we cant help you with that. Make your own business decision. It depends on many factors. And on your company risk style. I, working in a quite traditional company, would work still on 1.0 for years, just because there is guaranteed long time support for it.
And we never would embark on nonreleased software without a big study that proves that it will be stable and released the time our product has to ship.

My personal oppinion is: get started with 1.0.x

.: Fabian
I'm indecisive because my project involves many forms, both admin-gen and frontend pieces. no estimate on when (maybe) 1.1 will be ready?
> I'm wondering if I should go ahead and start learning with 1.0 or should I wait for 1.1
_Don't_ use 1.0, really. Don't even look at it. It's better to start learning 1.1, and maybe Doctrine instead of Propel as ORM.
My opinion: 1.0 is a good thing to start with, you will learn how symfony works. Don't start with 1.1 and don't wait until 1.1 is stable enough. Possible bugs in 1.1 might give you a wrong idea about symfony.
I'm with the traditionalists on this one: stick with 1.0.x. It's good and stable. You can always refactor to 1.1 when you're confident with it, but remember that a stable release date has not yet been announced, and your team will also need a couple of months to get comfortable with it.

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