Symfony 1.1 end of life approaching

As announced when we released it initially, the support for the 1.1 version of symfony comes to its end - targeted for the end of June 2009.

Nowadays, the only good reason to still use Symfony 1.1 is it's compatibility with PHP 5.1. So if you are using Symfony 1.1 and are running php 5.2.4+, we strongly advice you to upgrade your project to the latest 1.2 version of Symfony as soon as possible. The upgrade process is fully documented, and should be a no-brainer.

For those of you who can't upgrade the PHP version they use in production, e.g. those using and running the latest long-term support RHEL, you will be pleased to know that security-related patches will be applied during one more year to the 1.1 branch. So your existing project running Symfony 1.1 on PHP 5.1 are safe until June 2010.

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That are at least some good news ;) Our production servers run RHEL and so we're forced to live with PHP 5.1.6 for quite a while. Thanks for that!
Using doctrine I didn't manage to upgrade the admin generator in the backend.


Having made the transition to doctrine and been left behind with the admin generator - sadly to say - quite let me down.

Is there still an (ugly) way to upgrade to 1.2 without changes in the backend, so I can be up to date in the frontend?
@zevero We removed the old admin generator code from the bundled plugin. So, you could possibly go to the old version of the sfDoctrinePlugin in SVN and grab just the code and admin gen theme and put it in your project or bundle it as a plugin. That way you might be able to use the old admin generators of symfony < 1.2 in your projects.
We are also running RHEL in production and I don't like getting off their packaging just for PHP 5.2.

Not that I've had great support from RedHat or flawless package compatibility, it's just that diverging from the "standard" is too much work for too little benefit.

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