symfony 1.2 beta2 - The Doctrine Admin Generator is here

We are very happy to announce the symfony 1.2 beta 2 release, which now supports the admin generators for both Doctrine and Propel. No need to use Propel for sexy admin generator anymore. Hooray!

Thanks to Jonathan for his great work on this. But of course we other folks were not lazy, and killed a lot of bugs. The main man to praise here is Fabien, who did work really a lot the last week.

Many enhancements have been made based on community feedback or tickets to the admin generator and forms system, and even better, quite some of them have been backported to symfony 1.1.

What's in here?

Main Highlights

  • To provide an easier upgrade path form 1.1, all plugins are now enabled by default when upgrading (except for the Doctrine plugin and the Compat10 one) r12639
  • Admin Generation creation can now also creates the required route for you r12758
  • Forms save now embedded forms automatically. Read more in this tutorial
  • Session storage now also can work with propel connections where it could not before r12763
  • Propel Tasks using plugins with behaviours now work correctly r12809
  • Time logging in the Web Debug toolbar is back to the old mechanism, because the new one was faulty r12698
  • The CLI is now much faster thanks to caching the autoloading settings r12864
  • A lot of small bugs in the new admin generator have been fixed
  • Web assets now get relative symlinks r12847
  • Improved PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.1 compatibility r12625 and r12676

In Total

Tracking all the changes is not always very easy, especially when they affect multiple versions. For the 1.2 milestone, we have now a "Closed Tickets" count of 104, and Beta 2 milestone adds up another 29.

Give it a try

We encourage you to try this new beta version. Please be reminded to follow the UPGRADE procedure. Even if you are upgrading from beta 1, you need to follow these steps:

$ php symfony project:upgrade1.2
$ php symfony propel:build-model
$ php symfony propel:build-forms
$ php symfony propel:build-filters
$ php symfony cc

This is due to changes in code that will be generated by these tasks for you.

What's up next?

As we are pretty pleased with the quality and also feature wise everything for 1.2 is in now, this will be the last beta. The next release on the path to a 1.2 final will be the symfony 1.2 RC1, coming very soon.

We are also ramping up the documentation efforts to make sure that symfony will remain the best documented framework available.

So if you think "hey this is really missing in 1.2" it is time to speak up (and create a ticket with patch, tests and documentation, you get it).

You own a plugin? You have not started porting it to symfony 1.2 yet? You should get started. Kris made the sfTaskExtraPlugin which can help you out.


Do you want to see the new admin generators in your language? Then:

Thanks a lot to all the folks out there who already translated the admin generator. 28 translations are a pretty impressive number already.

Also I would like thank you to everybody who already tried symfony 1.2. I appreciate your feedback in mailinglist, IRC and especially in tickets. Thank you!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

symfony 1.2 beta2 - The Doctrine Admin Generator is here

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Excelent! Great work!!!

Trying ti now...
Awesome! Great job you guys did the past weeks...!
Absolutly awesome work of all the core team ! Now Doctrine is fully integrated to symfony with the admin generator. Special thanks to Fabien and Jonathan for this work :)
So, will this be another normal release, or an LTS?
Oh yeah, people, thanks for the translations, but check what is existing already :-) One per language is enough
Your site is very lucky for me!

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