symfony 1.2 Release Candidate 2 available!

I am happy to announce that we just published symfony 1.2 Release Candidate 2. The community response to our RC1 was better than expected, so we decided to make a quick RC2 release to ease some pain of bugs contained in RC1.

We will continue to resolve bugs targeted for 1.2. To get more bugs fixed, I would like to ask you not to put any new feature requests to trac with milestone 1.2. If you have any bugs, please supply us with instructions to reproduce, otherwise it is unlikely that we can resolve your issue still for 1.2

What is new

For all the projects now hopefully moving to symfony 1.2-RC2, I strongly recommend the What's new? tutorial. It contains the new and noteworthy stuff in 1.2. For all the projects already using RC1 this release brings nothing new, but still please follow the upgrade instructions at the end of this post.

Changes from symfony 1.2 RC 1

A typo Fabien did in the routing configuration for RC1 had quite nasty side effects, especially making routes named "_collection" generated by the admin generators fail. It also was generated into many places. I corrected all occurrences of this typo in symfony for RC2, but you might either from a tutorial or from generated code find this typo still in your routing.yml:

with_wilcard_routes:   true

replace it with

with_wildcard_routes:   true

More details can be found in ticket #5065. Please check your routing configuration as well.

I was also able to reduce the time consumed by the symfony command line. After upgrading, be sure to use the new symfony file from data/bin by copying it into your project. Details can be found in ticket #4928.

Even when the response times are not so fast as the 1.0 version of the CLI and certain systems (especially windows, which is poor in optimizing file access), we think that the amount of features the CLI has by now still justifies a tad slower response. We still try to further optimize it before 1.2 final.

Bugs fixed

During the last one and half weeks we made some minor changes and fixes. The following tickets have been closed:

  • 4928 made command line much faster
  • 5080 fixed sfForm::embedFormForEach does not properly store embedded forms
  • 4287 reverted r12807
  • 5065 fixed wilcard typo. needs rebuilding routes and admin.
  • 5056 fixed possible notice in sfWidgetFormSelectCheckbox by applying pattern from sfWidgetFormSelect.
  • 5001 fixed routing when a route parameter is empty
  • 4960 fixed routing when a route parameter is empty
  • 5042 fixed routing when a route parameter is empty
  • 5019 fixed warning for symfony CLI
  • 4973 made type of virtual fields configurable in generators.
  • 5039 fixed PHPDoc on sfValidatorDate.

Where to Download?

Grab your fresh copy of symfony 1.2 RC2 here and enjoy!

Please remember to follow the UPGRADE procedure after downloading. Even and especially if you are upgrading from RC1, you need to follow these steps:

$ php symfony project:upgrade1.2
$ php symfony propel:build-model
$ php symfony propel:build-forms
$ php symfony propel:build-filters
$ php symfony cc
Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.



Can you please elaborate on the 'nasty side effect' of misspelled with_wildcard_routes in routing.yml? Does it affect link generation especially of form_tag_for because I have been having issues with it.
typo link of ticket #4928
Fixed. And my name is Fabian, I am not Fabien *sigh*
I suppose I made a typo also :) unfortunately I don't have the luxury of an edit button :p
It's coming... :)
The CLI is really fast now! Thanks a lot.
Great work, thanks!
Regarding the 4928 CLI fix, shouldn't the data/bin/symfony version not also be generated in the project dir when running symfony generate:project?
Yes, but who does this when upgrading :-)
@Dennis: fixed, thanks,

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