symfony 1.2 Release Candidate available!

Today we are announcing the immediate availability of symfony 1.2 Release Candidate 1. Our intense development continued this week, and we decided on the last features and possibly backwards compatibility affecting changes. This also resulted in moving and closing some of the features still planned for 1.2.

Being a release candidate now means that we are no longer doing any changes besides bug fixing and documentation, lots of documentation. Of course with very good reason we do an exception but generally that's it. This means that you will also have no problems upgrading from this release candidate to the final version. If you haven't tried 1.2 yet because you were afraid of such changes, you no longer have an excuse.

Oh and by the way, we are planning to have the next Release Candidate out next week already to get a stable and bugfree version to you soon.

What is new

For all the projects now hopefully moving to symfony 1.2-RC1, I strongly recommend the What's new? tutorial. It contains the new and noteworthy stuff in 1.2. If you were with us in Beta 1 & 2 you can check this page as well, but you know most of it already.

Changes from symfony 1.2 BETA 2

Because many instabilities with the output format detection, Fabien decided to revert it. More details can be found in ticket #4920.

A bug with generating urls, which possibly affected many symfony 1.2 users before, has also been fixed


For this release candidates we included some more minor enhancements that should make developing and testing even easier.

  • 685 New param in generator.yml : currency_format/number_format
  • 1677 [PATCH] IE Conditionals for stylesheets and JavaScript
  • 2798 Set Local / Remote Ip address from Request?
  • 4673 Support Checkbox functional testing
  • 4852 sfForm: getName convience method
  • 4904 Should sfForm have a blank saveEmbeddedForms() function?

Bugs fixed

During the last one and half weeks we made some minor changes and fixes. The following tickets have been closed:

  • 4777 Duplicate Entry Exceptions using sfPDOSessionStorage
  • 4926 plugin:publish-assets is ignore the setting of $this->disablePlugin(...)
  • 4947 Admin Generator : Can't add a new action to submit form data
  • 4899 symfony project:freeze does not update symbolic links of default plugins in /web
  • 4985 [PATCH] Fix for doubled list.batch_actions in sfModelGeneratorConfiguration->compile
  • 4987 image path error in 1.2 admin generator


Jon did also work a lot to fix all remaining issues with Doctrine and bring it up to par with Propel. Awesome job Jon, you deserve a list of your own:

  • 4906 One to Many embeded form not validating
  • 4923 sfDoctrinePlugin includes reset-fonts-grids.css from yui 2.5.1
  • 4944 filter on m2m relations in generated forms
  • 4946 Doctrine Admin Generator 1.2 with sfWidgetFormInputFile
  • 4957 The changeset #13029 makes doctrine admin generator breaks

Where to Download?

Grab your fresh copy of symfony 1.2 RC1 here and enjoy!

Please remember to follow the UPGRADE procedure after downloading. Even if you are upgrading from beta 2, you need to follow these steps:

$ php symfony project:upgrade1.2
$ php symfony propel:build-model
$ php symfony propel:build-forms
$ php symfony propel:build-filters
$ php symfony cc
Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


great news :)
I hope 1.2 will be LTS version
Great Work ! Thanks for this open source framework.
Let's play with tuts and doc : GO !
Swift core implementation has been discarded at last?
I forgot to write about it. I would not take it into 1.2. However perhaps it will be still implemented and I convinced that it works ok. But unless that happens it is out. Which is sad, but we want to release soon
Thanks. It's Christmas before Christmas.
unfortunately the Doctrine integration is still not synced

in other words: unusable for "normal" programmers :-(

IMHO far away from RC1 but I'm looking forward seeing more fixes :-)
yes,i hope 1.2 will be last version.
How to upgrade pear installation of 1.2 beta 2 to rc1.

"pear upgrade-all" does not work
"pear upgrade symfony/symfony-beta" works
Is doctrine stable ?

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