symfony 1.3.7 & 1.4.7

The symfony team is happy to announce the immediate availability of symfony versions 1.3.7 and 1.4.7. These releases include a number of bug fixes as well as a Doctrine update and updates to some translations files. Read on for the details.

Doctrine 1.2.3

The bundled version of Doctrine has been updated to the latest release from the Doctrine 1.2 branch. Read more about this release on the Doctrine blog.

Using a Compiled Version of Doctrine

The symfony core is now compatible with a compiled version of the Doctrine library. The Doctrine compiler, which merges many of that library's core classes into one file, can provide a modest boost in performance by decreasing the number of file reads necessary for processing a request.

If you use sfTaskExtraPlugin in your project, you can easily run the Doctrine compiler using the doctrine:compile task.

You can read about the other minor fixes in the changelog.

How to Upgrade

If you've checked out a copy of the tag from Subversion you can switch to the latest version:

// symfony 1.3
$ svn switch

// symfony 1.4
$ svn switch

If you are using the PEAR package you can update using the pear command:

// symfony 1.3
$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.3.7

// symfony 1.4
$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.4.7

Have you upgraded to 1.4?

As I've mentioned in an earlier release announcement and has been documented on the symfony site since its release, version 1.3 is going to reach the end of its support period in November. If you haven't upgraded your 1.3 project to 1.4, now is the time. You can start by running the project:validate task and then ping the community via the symfony-users mailing list or on the IRC #symfony channel with any questions.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Is the web debug bar broken in 1.4.7? It can be seen on top but none of its views can be expanded.
I report debug bar problem in sf1.4.7 (as Slug0).
Same problem here with the debug bar.
I left a message here
I opened a ticket for web debug toolbar broken:
Thanks for the report, guys. I'll release again with this fix soon.
Thanks for the update. I'm just curious though, why none of the translation patches aren't included in the updates yet. Would it be possible to insert patches too or is this intentionally left behind?

Would be great instead of correcting i18n catalogues all the time with custom translations in application.

Hummm... The multiple doctrine database management does not work any more. (the connection parameter for each table is ignored or not correctly retrieved)

+1 for debug bar
what is with this ticket
and this ticket german translations for the admin generator
I should have committed all translation changes mentioned in the comments.
Who cares about the translation. What about the broken web debug toolbar?
Does somebody of you know how to use "Using a Compiled Version of Doctrine"?
@crypti the easiest way is to use sfTaskExtraPlugin's doctrine:compile command.
" Hummm... The multiple doctrine database management does not work any more "

I have the same Problem with "multiple database connection" after the update to 1.4.8
Does anyone else get a fatal error running "php symfony doctrine:compile"?

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Doctrine_Data_Import in /.../symfony/1.4/lib/plugins/sfDoctrinePlugin/lib/vendor/doctrine/Doctrine/Data/Import.php on line 402

Using latest symfony 1.4 from trunk (1.4.9) and sfTaskExtraPlugin 1.3.3-DEV

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