Symfony 1.3 Documentation

Just two days after the first alpha release of symfony 1.3, I'm proud to announce that both the Practical symfony book (aka the Jobeet tutorial) and the symfony reference guide have been updated to take into account the new features of this version of symfony.

For instance, you can start using the new mailer feature of symfony 1.3 by reading day 16 of Jobeet, and learn about all its configuration possibilities by digging through the factories chapter of the reference guide.

Even if symfony 1.3.0 alpha1 has just been released, you already have access to a lot of up-to-date documentation:

  • Getting Started: This tutorial is the best way to get started with symfony. It explains everything you need to know about symfony installation. In a matter of minutes, you will be ready to use symfony and start your next project.

  • What's new?: If you have already used symfony before, discover all the new features and enhancements of symfony 1.3.

  • Upgrade to 1.3: If you already have some projects done in symfony 1.2 and want to upgrade them, this is where you can read about what need to be changed.

  • Deprecated in 1.3: As you might know, symfony 1.4 will be the next LTS (Long Term Support) release. If will be the same code base as symfony 1.3 with all the deprecated features removed. Learn about what is deprecated in this document.

  • Practical symfony: Learn symfony, step-by-step, by coding a full featured web application. This book is also available in the Propel flavor.

  • The symfony Reference Book: The Symfony Reference Guide is a book where you can easily find answers to your questions at your fingertips. This is a book you will keep with you whenever you develop with symfony.

It means that we have plenty of documentation whether you want to discover symfony 1.3 or switch from a previous version.

All in all, symfony 1.3 already has more than 650 pages of documentation.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Congratulations for the release!
Great news !

Doctrine and forms are pretty easier to customize and the mailer testing tool is very clean and clever. Congratulation for your work and for your efforts on the documentation guys !

I'd love to use the sf1.3 mail feature on my current project, but need to know when you plan a 1.3 production-ready release.
It's great that the documentation has been updated so quickly! It will be the difference for many in taking up the latest versions

Thank you
@Eric Rogé: symfony 1.3.0 will be released at the end of November 2009.
What about the API page, its kinda COMPLETLY blank :S
Hey Fabien and team, thanks for your hard work. I'm just upgrade my projects and all works fine :D... Let me make yours one question.. Dou you think implement ajax to admin generator, like "modal boxes" to insert or edit data or any thing related to this operations over one o many records??? thats be great & all community apreciate very much.. Sorry my english folks.. Lukas from Argentina.. Congratulations Team again for make my life easy & enjoy my work every day :D:D
Fabien, the new templating engine component will be bundled with symfony1.3? Or it will be part of the sf 2 release?
@dereck: symfony 2.0
Fabien: Do you think implement ajax to admin generator, like "modal boxes" to insert or edit data or any thing related to this operations over one o many records??? or it's in this release??
Will be this doc available as PDF? I want to download for offline study
I think I've found a "mistake" in the book.
In 1.3 symphony already generated the path as relative one for The symfony Path

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