symfony 1.4.19 released

symfony 1.4.19 has just been released.

Here are all the changes from the CHANGELOG:

  • [33545] fixed sfPDOSessionStorage for Oracle (closes #10022)
  • [33544] fixed sfWebRequest::splitHttpAcceptHeader incorrect result order (closes #10069, patch by Keri Henare)
  • [33539] fixed exception format when using the PHP 5.4 built-in server (closes #10067, based on a patch from jgskin)
  • [33486] fixed sfPDODatabase::call() method (closes #10044)

If you've checked out a copy of the tag from Subversion you can switch to the latest version:

$ svn switch

If you are using the PEAR package you can update using the pear command:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.4.19

And as always, don't forget to clear your cache after upgrading.


Great work! may be updated too then, aswell as the right column of the site!
Yes !! Fortunately, version 1.4 is not dead yet :)
Gud \o/

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