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Symfony 2.0.18 released

Warning: Symfony 2.0 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.0.18 has just been released.

Some of the dependencies have been updated to their latest versions:

  • Swiftmailer 4.2.2
  • Twig 1.10.3
  • Monolog 1.2.1
  • Assetic 1.0.4

And as always, the 2.0.18 version comes with some bug fixes:

  • 20898e5: Add to DateFormats 'D M d H:i:s Y T' (closes #5830)
  • bf3e358: [Form] Fixed creation of multiple money fields with different currencies
  • 959c1df: Fixed IPv6 Check in RequestMatcher
  • b439d13: fixed DomCrwaler/Form to handle button when submitted
  • 22c7a91: [HttpKernel][Translator] Fixed type-hints
  • a6ae6f6: [Translation] forced the catalogue to be regenerated when a resource is added (closes symfony/Translation#1)
  • 6c59fbd: [HttpFoundation] Fixed #5611 - Request::splitHttpAcceptHeader incorrect result order.
  • 1a53b12: [2.0][http-foundation] Fix Response::getDate method
  • 7444cb9: Support the new Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS 7.0.
  • ad95364: hasColorSupport does not take an argument
  • 2ceebdc: fixed stringification of array objects in RequestDataCollector (closes #5295)
  • de6658b: [Profiler]Use the abstract method to get client IP
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Thanks :)
Thanks! Is it updating bootstrap files correctly? - I'm getting an error, out of the box.
And here are the "necessary" links :
deps :
deps.lock :
diff :
Anyone know the correct version of FOSRestBundle to use with Symfony 2.0.18?
The latest master version of FOSRestBundle (c94952536a) appears to work fine with Symfony 2.0.18.

I unpinned FOSRestBundle by removing it from my deps.lock file and all is well.

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