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Symfony 2.1.0 beta3 released

This week has been intense (260+ commits from 36 authors). I have made a major cleanup of tickets and pull requests on the Symfony Github account: 120+ tickets and 90+ pull requests have been closed and all remaining tickets and pull requests are now properly tagged. Bernhard has also worked really hard on the Form and the Validator components. That gives us a much better picture of the state of Symfony 2.1.

That why I'm really happy to release the third beta of Symfony 2.1 today and quite confident that this is the last beta version before entering the release candidate phase.

If you have already upgraded to beta2, have a look at the changes you need to make to upgrade to beta3.

If you have not tried to upgrade yet, first read the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony Standard Edition, then the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony.

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Nice work guys and gals! We're just implementing our 1st Symfony 2 project after 5 years on 1.0. We're developing on the 2.1 dev-master and have been seeing lots of updates coming through composer :)

Gonna be fun trawling through the BETA3 changesets to see if we need to refactor anything from BETA2...

Keep it up. Awesome framework.
Great to have the new Count validator, I had to implement a custom one. Looking forward to the final release!
By placing ?w=1 before the hash whitespace changes ignored ;)
Great Job!
can't wait to test the RC!
the use of composer is one of the first improvements to this new version.

Congratulations and we are very close to the symfony version 2.1.0

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