Symfony 2.1.0 beta4 released

Just before the release of the first RC, we'd like to give you a beta4. This release is mainly about form performance enhancements.

A few days before the release of beta3, Denis Chmel contacted us with questions about the Form framework performance. He provided an executable testbed that helped to reproduce his issue and served as base and measurement for the performance improvements.

Bernhard worked on improving this use case where the form has many fields. The total page rendering was divided by three on Denis' server. On Bernhard's machine, the form processing and rendering time was divided by 6 for PHP templates and by 3 for Twig. These numbers are quite impressive.

We'd like to thank Denis as he gave us a great real-world testbed. If you can isolate performance problems, try to provide executable testbeds; this helps us to fix these problems faster.

If you have already upgraded to beta3, have a look at the changes you need to make to upgrade to beta4.

If you have not tried to upgrade yet, first read the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony Standard Edition, then the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony.

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Great, thank you.
indeed .. any tricky bug or missing feature for which it is too hard to write up a test case can best be illustrated by just forking the SE .. adding whatever is causing the issue or illustrating the limitation.
After upgrading from Beta3 to Beta4, the total time to display a quite complex form of mine (177 fields) only decreased by approx. 6%.
And memory usage increased by 500KB. This could of course be influenced by changes in other libraries updated with Beta4.
I have to add to my previous comment, that the form rendering takes approx. 150 ms more than basically the same page (with same data etc.) without using forms. So in this regard, these 6% are not so bad and there is not that much optimization potential left.
Btw, the form page needs almost twice as much memory (10BMB) compared to the form-less page.
Excelente! cada día más cerca de la versión final.
Great... Waiting for the release
good approach lsmith
Nice Improvement
@Tobias: The reason for this could be that the first batch of the improvements were already part of Beta3.
how can i upgrade from beta3 to beta4. I installed symfony using composer.phar....pls help me
I also wonder how to update from BETA3 to BETA4, a simple php composer.phar install gives me the following:


Unrecognized options "strict_parameters" under "framework.router"

Looks similar to issue ... am I the only one hitting this?
By the way: commenting out the strict_parameters in config.yml solves the issue, but I'd rather wait for some official hints.
Hi Christian,
That issue appears present with the latest change to the composer files.
Using the ones before the most recent change seems to work but i'm not sure why.
Hopefully someone that made the change can give more help?

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