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Symfony 2.1.1 released

Warning: Symfony 2.1 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Due to an issue in the Composer configuration, we are releasing Symfony 2.1.1 today.

If you still have issues with Composer after upgrading, try to remove the vendor directory, replace the composer.lock file of your project, and run composer.phar install again.

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Great moment !
This is rare. Trying to solve a configuration problem releasing version 2.1.1. ? o.O
one question ?? composer.json file should not have been changed too? O.o
When I download 2.1.1.tgz without vendors and run composer.phar install I get doctrine/common (2.3.0-RC2).

However, if I delete composer.lock and re-run composer.phar install it is doctrine/common (2.3.x-dev 605b1b8) what gets installed which is a more advanced commit.

Is that the expected behavior? It seems a bit risky to me for production environments
I'm confused a bit...
SF2.1.1 download has the lock file set to use eg.
"packages": [
"package": "doctrine/common",
"version": "2.3.0-RC2"

While the one on the link above is set to:
"package": "doctrine/common",
"version": "2.3.x-dev",
"source-reference": "605b1b8b5a7bc8daf9111fb35483e5708e30de35",
"commit-date": "1346249247"

which is the same as the one from SF2.1.0. I guess the file on GitHub hasn't been update correctly?
I think

composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition path/ 2.1.1

Will fix your composer-powered install issues :)
Cameron & Ricard

I've just downloaded both the zip and the tar.gz and composer.lock doctrine/common points to 2.3.x-dev and install the commit 605b1b8. I suppose your downloads were out of date.
Thanks for the quick release, but looking at the composer.lock file it does seem like a very hacky fix. Is there an issue with Composer that I should read up on, or is this expected and accepted behaviour?
Hmm, I can't install my packages now, got tons of errors while running composer install after changing composer.lock.

Like so:

Problem 1
- Installation request for symfony/symfony 2.1.1 -> satisfiable by symfony/symfony v2.1.1.
- sensio/distribution-bundle dev-master requires symfony/framework-bundle 2.2.* -> satisfiable by symfony/framework-bundle 2.2.x-dev, symfony/symfony 2.2.x-dev.
- Can only install one of: symfony/symfony v2.1.1, symfony/symfony 2.2.x-dev.
- don't install symfony/symfony v2.1.1|don't install symfony/framework-bundle 2.2.x-dev
- Installation request for sensio/distribution-bundle dev-master -> satisfiable by sensio/distribution-bundle dev-master.

Any idea?
Works great for Doctrine finally.
But now I stumbled upon this problem:

- Installing jms/di-extra-bundle (1.1.x-dev af21952)
Cloning af219527024c584d7311aa855d7522429c5bdb67

Failed to execute git checkout 'af219527024c584d7311aa855d7522429c5bdb67' && git reset --hard 'af219527024c584d7311aa855d7522429c5bdb67'

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout:
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can switch branches.

But didn't have the time to have a detailed look on this. Does anyone have a quick solution for this?
Hello, why do you provide composer.lock ? I've other bundles in my app and I can't replace composer.lock.

And if we manually modify composer.lock what's composer.json for ?
Maybe we need a way to merge two composer.lock files?
Most imported thing would be check compatibility between packages.

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