Symfony 2.1.11 released

Symfony 2.1.11 has just been released. This is the last release for the Symfony 2.1 branch. You are encouraged to upgrade to Symfony 2.2 or 2.3.

This last 2.1 version comes with some minor bug fixes:

  • 2038329: [Form] [Validator] Fixed post_max_size = 0 bug (Issue #8065)
  • 169c0b9: [Finder] Fix iteration fails with non-rewindable streams
  • 45b68e0: [Finder] Fix unexpected duplicate sub path related AppendIterator issue
  • 5321600: Fixed two bugs in HttpCache
  • 5c317b7: [Console] fix and refactor exit code handling
  • 1469953: [CssSelector] Fix :nth-last-child() translation
  • 91b8490: Fix Crawler::children() to not trigger a notice for childless node
  • 0a4837d: Fixed XML syntax.
  • a5441b2: Fixed parsing of leading blank lines in folded scalars. Closes #7989.
  • e8d5d16: Fixed Loader import
  • 37af771: [Console] Added dedicated testcase for HelperSet class


Do this end of maintenance imply that we will neither get any security fix from now on?
Thanks for this release.
Francesc Rosàs, you're correct. 2.1 will be deprecated when 2.3 is released (tommorow)

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