Symfony 2.1.8 released

I've just released Symfony 2.1.8. It fixes quite a few bugs. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • b2080c4: [HttpFoundation] Remove Cache-Control when using https download via IE<9 (fixes #6750)
  • 3e40c17: [HttpKernel] fixed locale management when exiting sub-requests
  • 42d3c4c: added support for the X-Forwarded-For header (closes #6982, closes #7000)
  • 6a9c510: fixed the IP address in HttpCache when calling the backend
  • 87f3db7: [EventDispathcer] Fix removeListener
  • 3615e19: [Security] fixed session creation on login (closes #7011)
  • ddf4678: [HttpFoundation] fixed the creation of sub-requests under some circumstancies (closes #6923, closes #6936)
  • 8ca00c5: [Security] fixed session creation when none is needed (closes #6917)


Thank you very much to the contributors who have resolved bugs session, very annoying with PHP 5.4 ...
Thank you for this release.
Nice. Thank you.
Thank you all Symfony developers!!

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